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ralph lauren uk outlet online Burst of thunder thunder " Pili right friends " from far to near , deafening , lightning accompanied the roads , cut through the cloudy sky. Classroom students stir up their ears , screaming, chaos as a group , living in the city of steel and concrete jungle students surprise for this sudden panic scene , I see the student 's mind , exclaimed: " roof lightning , lightning will not touch us, not scared ! "But the students did not panic emotional suppression , the class is still in agitation .

Sanya past few days as a steamer , like fire scorching sun , the temperature pressing. The weather really annoying people upset, doing nothing, always want to hide in air-conditioned rooms to spend . After class, I was sweating ralph lauren uk outlet online , he sat limply Jichong back to the office under air conditioning , allowing cold air to disperse the immense heat. Outside thunder bursts , such as the tiger called Roar , lightning blossoming , long drought , hot weather, thunder this grand achievement . Raytheon has long-lost smell , for long-term living in rural areas is no stranger to me , and feel warm , gently every burst of sound is moving my heart beating , releasing heart bored .

Moment , the world suddenly darkened , it began to rain . I quickly turned off air conditioning , put aside the curtain , open the windows, watching the rain from the scene . I always have a kind of intimacy rain , soft spot , staring at the rain scene , reminds me of childhood. Whenever it rains , my playing partners naked in the rain , shower , mothers yelling at the side : " ! Do not rain , will be cold ," ralph lauren uk outlet online I always put the mother's words fell on deaf ears , continue to play in the rain , a few of us in rain drainage ditch built , relish, sport. I'm depending on the window bar , watching the rain scene , Way back childhood, vaguely listening to the mother's call is called , the partners are playing in the rain in front of the same scene as movie playback , vividly. Hey , smoke or fog of time , such as dust , too ethereal eyes , gone, Huakaihuaxie , Yunjuanyunshu , the only left is our rustic life.

Open the windows , a fragrance smell the soil nostrils, accompanied by cool water vapor flies in the face, body, ralph lauren uk outlet online wet room dense with the breath , to drive away the spit pervades the air conditioner just smells fresh and cool . I have no time to tidy mind that comes with blowing the water hit full gas , water vapor it gently into the hearts of a hot rush brought irritability, sudden, emotional mind with rippling water vapor released into the atmosphere , cool Zizi . Rain harder and harder , fluttering transitory man , as big as beans pouring rain sprinkled in every corner of the campus , next to the fence of iron canopy rain was beating " Didi dripping " sound , crisp and elegant , like a mountain stream -like days sieve sound , Kuangyuan deep. Floor under the trees after rain erosion, "imperfections " to ring , but repeated changes of rhythm ralph lauren uk outlet online , as if to make himself famous continue to play a proud music festival , though it is repeated back and forth , but meaningful , people very touching . Every drop of rain , knocking every site, every sound emitted are so right , so melodious , but also like a song together with a variety of musical symphony .

To enjoy the rain scene , I can not wait to go to the campus gym with panoramic views from the window. Rain harder and harder , like covered with a layer of crystal clear water flowing carpet on the playground , the new rain water that falls on the carpet flowing , splashing a blossoming spray , thrown ripples , ralph lauren uk outlet online splashes each other intertwined, the ripples of their respective collisions, like a group of naughty playfulness , and like a pair of lovers whispering a word to see what kind of beauty. And I do not know when, the ground has begun to rise layer of mist , rain curtain scenes that linger in being , like a fairyland . I was deeply fascinated by this rain scene , like being in the picturesque misty rain.

In the hustle and bustle of city life unreal , we are busy rushing to survive , things are always complicated locks come clean intrusion rare and beautiful scenery around us flawless Ferris , and between the moment the rain scene caught off guard so let me regain up , mind back to that period of peace and quiet , ralph lauren uk outlet online revel in that brief joy.